Creepy Legends From Around New England

Legend: The Bishops

The Bishop's - Litchfield, N.H.

During the 1950's a family obsessed with Halloween built a beautiful plantation home along the banks of the Merrimack River in Litchfield, N.H. This very secretive family was rarely seen during the day and was mostly active during the night. When October hit, the family was constantly active, sounds could be heard coming from the home and their surrounding property at all hours of the day and night. The family went mostly unnoticed until the late 60's and early 70's when numerous people began to go missing. Strange sounds could be heard almost nightly at midnight and the community began to speculate horrible things surrounding the family. Led by Encee Bishop, the family began to grow as did the numerous reports of missing people in New England. In October of 1972 a carload of teens went missing and the car showed up adjacent to the Bishops property, fearing the worst, local authorities arrested and imprisoned the entire family. To this day, strange things accompany the riverside property in Litchfield and there are still reports of missing people who venture onto the Bishops Property.

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